Online learning, networking, and action-taking will take you far.

To go further than you’ve ever gone before, you need to step away from the day-to-day grind and fully immerse yourself in the vision of where you’re going and how you’ll get there.  

Make your next-level shift right alongside the business friends you trust most—your fellow Make It Work Online™ graduates. 

Successful online business owners have one thing in common…

They value the power of pressing pause on the hustle and taking a step back to reflect on how far they’ve come, where they’re going next, and how they want to get there.  

Make It Work Online™ Live is a retreat experience that’s been purposefully designed to propel business owners to their next level of success.  

That’s why we’re setting aside three days so you can press pause and make a plan to leap to the next level.  

Join us at Make It Work Online™ LIVE for 3 inspiration-filled, action-focused days (with plenty of downtime if you need it)

Here's a taste of what to expect over the course of the three days…  

A clear, focused, and spacious schedule, giving you dedicated time for learning, action-taking, and connecting… and resting, recalibrating, and recharging. Perfect for introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between. 

LIVE Group Sessions

Each day, you'll be guided through curated activities and next-level training to help you further clarify your vision, make a solid plan, work past your biggest blocks, and shift into the next level business owner you’re ready to become.  

You’ll have ample opportunities to get your questions answered throughout the sessions, learning from Jenny, the coaches, and the other attendees. Expect many a-ha moments! 

LIVE Hands-on Workshops

These interactive sessions, led by Make It Work Online™ coaches, will cover a variety of topics including copywriting, client-getting activities, selling, time management, mindset tools, and so much more.  

You’ll get to roll up your sleeves with the Make It Work Online™ coaches in these small breakout sessions to help you deepen your knowledge on a specific topic. You’ll have ample time to get all your questions answered and learn from the others.

LIVE Hot Seats with Jenny

You’ll have an opportunity to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with Jenny and get laser-focused coaching on your business, your goals, and your biggest challenges. You’ll bust through blocks faster than ever before.  

You’ve heard clients have massive breakthroughs on the coaching calls—just imagine all the eye-opening moments you and everyone in the room will have with Jenny sitting right there! 

LIVE Connections

Nothing beats hugs and high-fives! Finally, step out from behind your profile picture and spark real, in-person connections. Real-life connections are fuel for life-long bonds. Get ready to meet your business besties and create lasting relationships.  

With all the places you can get business advice, there’s nothing better than having a group of women you’ve met in person to count on and fully trust to share your biggest business troubles. When you get to know these amazing business owners better, they can give you even better advice!

Shift into the next-level business owner you're ready to become

Unlike other retreats where you walk away with a million ideas and no idea how to implement them, at Make It Work Online™ LIVE you’ll go home with inspiration for your business AND the action steps to take to make them a reality in your business.  

Take all the ideas, training, coaching, and massive shifts you gained from Make It Work Online™, and now integrate it into the next-level business owner you’re becoming. Not only will you begin to feel like a successful business owner, you’ll step into becoming that business owner, living, and breathing, and taking action like you know you’re meant to. 

Join Us at Make It Work Online™ LIVE 2020

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You can learn a lot in just 3 days  

Imagine all you could realize, materialize, shift, and embody in three full days with your fellow Make It Work Online™ friends and coaches…  

Insights and coaching with Jenny:

Between group sessions, hot seats, and more, you'll deepen your business know-how as Jenny shares her extensive knowledge and experience with you.

Meet the Make It Work Online™ team:

Approachable, full of heart, and excited to connect with you in person, the coaches freely share their expertise and experiences to help you take your business further.

Advice from Make It Work Online™ alumni:

Learn from other business owners who share the same values you do, have taken action like you have, and have wisdom and advice to share from their own experiences.  

Clear next steps to grow your business: 

You'll get targeted feedback and advice that's specific to your business, leaving you excited and energized to dive back into work with a purpose when you get home.

Connection and community:

Doing business online can get a little lonely and you want support and encouragement from a tight-knit community of fellow business owners to talk to for years to come.  

Inspiration and fun:

You started this business so you could do what you love and make an impact. And you can do this in a way that feels both easy and fun.  

Be truly seen:

Putting your passion out in the world takes courage. But it’s key to taking your business to new heights, and it feels easier when we do it together.  

Who’s going to be there?

Make It Work Online™ LIVE is exclusively for Make It Work Online™ alumni and team members. 

This means everyone attending is intimately familiar with Make It Work Online™—the templates, tools, and mindset shifts to do the work we love on our terms. You’ll have opportunities to connect with Jenny and the Make It Work Online™ coaches and team, alumni from previous years, and Make It Work Online™ 2020 clients as well.

At most events, you leave with a hundred random business cards and maybe one or two real connections.  

After Make It Work Online™ LIVE, you’ll leave with a dozen deep connections to other business owners who care about your business just as much as you do. Our attendees return year after year just to reconnect with their amazing new friends.

You’ll strengthen your current relationships and go home with a bigger and better network of business owners who care deeply about you and your business.  

Not only is every single business owner here heart-centered, but everyone in the room is also extremely giving, talented, and inspiring—seriously, these business-owners are the kinds of people you just want to be around. 

Join Us at Make It Work Online™ LIVE 2020

Limited Tickets Available!

The Location

Courtyard Marriott 400 SW 1st Street Corvallis, Oregon 97333 USA  

A new hotel in the heart of the historic district set on the charming Wilmette River is walking distance to everything you’ll want and need. It’s the perfect setting to connect with your Make It Work Online™ friends, make some new ones, and spend plenty of contemplative time exploring the quaint town.  

From waking up and heading to a local yoga class, enjoying a coffee from a local cafe, or a strolling along the Willamette Riverfront—the town has thought of everything. 

Join Us at Make It Work Online™ LIVE 2020

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What alumni say about Make It Work Online™ LIVE

Imagine all you could realize, materialize, shift, and embody in three full days with your fellow Make It Work Online™ friends and coaches…  

“It’s been such a powerful experience. Going to the retreat and meeting so many amazing women was absolutely a highlight for me last year. I got awesome, actionable strategies, for sure. But even more than that, I felt like I had totally found my people. I left having more clarity around my immediate next steps, and a clearer vision of future possibilities." Miranda Johnson


“The supportive, encouraging vibe at the retreat was amazing! I watched and experienced breakthroughs the entire time while listening to Jenny and the coaching team. The best part was the hot seat. I was able to be vulnerable and get my questions answered. Afterward, the lovely group of ladies commended me on being bold and speaking from my heart.” 


“I came to the retreat to see, be seen, and to fall in love with the work of others and to have them fall in love with the work I do. Jenny’s light shines brightly. She transforms the lives of women, and then they go out and transform others. MIWO is making miracles happen.” 


“Seeing you, Jenny, live in action. Your compassion, love, and understanding. It’s incredible to watch and experience. I could have stayed for 5 days!”  


“I loved the intimate size which allowed for lots of Q&A and discussion, and it was so powerful to see and hear others working through similar struggles.”  


Join Us at Make It Work Online™ LIVE 2020

Limited Tickets Available for MIWO LIVE 2020!

Questions about Make It Work Online™ LIVE?

What do our days look like?  

Each morning, you’ll be greeted by the Make It Work Online™ team, grab a morning beverage, and get settled to start on time. The days will be a mix of group exercises, individual work, workshops, hot seats and more—all curated specifically to help you get focused on your next business steps. We’ll do hot seats with select participants, and answer all your questions.  

We’ll take plenty of breaks including a leisurely two hours for lunch.  

You’ll also have the opportunity to jump into additional activies before and after our daily sessions, if you choose.  

How do you recommend I travel to Corvallis, Oregon?  

If you’re driving, Google maps will get you to Corvallis without issue.  

If you’re flying, you can fly into Portland International Airport (PDX), voted one of the best airports in the country, a 2-hour drive from Corvallis, or Eugene Airport (EUG), a smaller airport, a 1-hour drive from Corvallis.  

If you’re flying into PDX, we recommend Oregon Express Shuttle for easy, round-trip service from the airport straight to the hotel. You can also rent a car, taking a shuttle can let you relax and leave the driving and the traffic to someone else.  

If you’re flying into EUG, you’ll need to rent a car to get to Corvallis.  

You will not need a car during the event. Downtown Corvallis is very walkable, and you’ll be able to easily access coffee, restaurants, and a grocery store. 

You'll receive all of the necessary travel details after you register.

When should I book my hotel room?  

Once you register, you’ll receive the details for booking your hotel room, including our group discount code. We recommend you book as soon as possible. The booking code is valid through May 1, as long as rooms in our dedicated block are still available.  

Do I have to stay at the Courtyard Corvallis?  

Nope! You’re welcome to find alternate accommodations in Corvallis if you choose, though staying at the same hotel as everyone else is not only fun and exciting, it’s also a great opportunity to create those fun, chance meetings!  

How do I find a roommate?  

Once you register, you’ll receive information on how to connect with other attendees and coordinate room-sharing if you choose.

What dates should I book my travel for?  

The event will run from roughly 9 am until 5 pm on all three days, June 9, 10, and 11. We recommend you plan to arrive on or before June 8 and depart on or after June 12.  

Can I bring my spouse/partner/friend/kid?  

Your family members and friends are welcome to travel and stay with you at the hotel. However, the event itself is only for Make It Work Online™ alumni and ticket holders.  

Will my dietary restrictions be taken into account?  

All meals will be on your own, and Corvallis is a great town for flexible options, from vegan to carnivore, gluten-free to dairy-free, and beer and wine to non-alcoholic.  

What should I wear?  

Dress in whatever way makes you show up as your most authentic, badass self. If that’s jeans and a t-shirt, go for it. If that’s a fancy ball gown, knock yourself out.  

In case you’re the kind of person who likes to know what everyone else will be wearing… Jenny and the coaches will be “business casual,” ranging from nice jeans to cute, comfy dresses.  

Keep in mind that June in Oregon can be 80s and sunny or mid-50s and rainy, and it’s unpredictable. Check the weather before you come, and pack a raincoat, umbrella, and a few clothing options no matter what the forecast says. 

Layers are always good for conference rooms.  

What should I bring?  

Besides your laptop and charger, there’s nothing else that you are required to pack. The “optional activities” don’t require anything extra, unless you signed up for yoga, in which case just have something comfortable to move in (fancy yoga clothes not required!).  

What is your refund/ticket-transfer policy?  

Discounted tickets to Make It Work Online™ LIVE are non-refundable and non-transferable.  

Full-price tickets to Make It Work Online™ LIVE are transferable with a $75 transfer fee. Contact us for more details.